I’m finally at a point where I’m done with my manuscript.  Mostly.  Enough that I’ve started looking for advice on how to write a query/put together a proposal (this changes depending on the publisher) for fiction novels.  So far, the few I’ve come up with in Internet searches that were at all recommended were put out by people who’d never actually sold a novel. Nonfiction, yes.  Novel, no.  At least, according to Amazon.

Yeah, I’m going to spend precious money on a book written by someone who’s never sold a novel to a publishing house.  I’d be just as leery of advice from a goat farmer who didn’t actually keep goats.

Anyway, my goal this week is to do some research into possible markets for my novel, look at what publishing houses are publishing these days, and see if I can find a match.  I’m also going to see if I can find some solid advice on the details of submission from someone who’s actually published a novel.  Heck, it’d be great if that person had sold multiple novels and had a solid career in the business.  I’ve only seen one so far that fits the criteria but I don’t have the money for the class yet and won’t have it for some time.  So, that’s another goal for this week.

Oh, I read a paranormal romance over the weekend.  My book is NOT a paranormal romance.  It’s a fantasy with strong romantic elements.  I’m very glad I figured that out.




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