the how of writing

leaving cryptic notes to myself

I’m finding I don’t leave good notes for myself.  Typing has slowed down because I have to, on occasion, stare at red squiggles and disconnected phrases and try to make a flowing narrative of them.  My most recent one turned out to be a cut and paste surrounded by numerous deletions and new phrases.  I spent five whole minutes reading and re-reading before I figured out how to arrange it all.  [shudders]

The problem is that when I revised this novel, I didn’t act as if someone else would read my notes.  If I’d done that, I would have ended up with someone more clear.  I hope, anyway.  Next time, I’ll revise as if someone were going to do the work of typing for me.

One thing that has worked out for me is learning to trust my cryptic notes once I’ve figured them out.  Very happy with how that’s turning out.

Still on target for finishing before Halloween.



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