feeling under the weather and an off-topic link

I think it’s allergies.  Head feels stuffed up and I can hardly think.

Managed to get some typing in, though.  Is it wrong to fall in love with your revisions?  I’ve really been enjoying the changes I’ve made.  I think it makes for a better story.  Not perfect, though.  Honestly, as many times as I’ve worked on this thing, I think “better” is good enough for me.  I’m not touching this again unless the editor says I must.

To fill out this weak, little, cotton-brain post, I give you something entirely off-topic yet beautiful.  Being a fantasy geek, I think it’s gorgeous.

WARNING:  due to a stern warning by a moderator on a forum I visit, I feel I should tell my readers that there’s a bit of nudity in this link (from the back so calm down guys).  It’s nothing pornographic, I don’t even think it’s provocative.  Just giving warning to those who get upset by that kind of thing.

Makes you want to scroll forever… from LOL Snaps.



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