how to make a book trailer

The idea of a book trailer fascinates me.  I mean, a mental trailer for my stories is often a part of the plotting process when I’m first starting out.  If there aren’t enough good, strong, powerful images to associate with the story, I don’t work on it.

I like this article because it breaks down the writing/script process.  The software process is something new to me but I have a programmer for a husband who I know uses movie making software;  I think together we could create something nice.  I’m having a hard time typing because the idea that this is something I could do is already taking over, possessing my fingers and demanding I plot out a script for my trailer.

So many possibilities.  But first I have to finish the revision and send it off.

Then it’s playtime.  [giggle]


One thought on “how to make a book trailer

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