revision progress

Ah-ha!  I’m almost done!  That’s right.  Around 400 pages almost completely revised and sixty left to do.  I’ve completely torn out two scenes and replaced them, made numerous deletions and additions and I’m now about to hack and slash my way through the final scenes.  After that, it’s just “data entry” as I rewrite a copy of the original.

I’m at the point now where I’m wondering what to do with it.

I’m thinking of a small press.  I have one in mind that I think might like it.  The trouble is, the industry has changed a bit since I last thought about getting something published.  It used to be a huge taboo to send a manuscript to more than one publisher at a time.  I’m not sure if it still is.  On the other hand, I don’t want my manuscript sitting in a publishing house for a year or two only to be rejected and moved on to the next for a year or so, etc., etc.  It’s the etiquette that’s getting me.  So, how do I find out what to do?  I start hanging out where other authors in my genre hang out.  And the thought makes me very uncomfortable.  Not because of the people.  No, the people who write in my genre tend to be really awesome.  It’s just I don’t want to look like a flake.  I don’t want to start up the whole networking thing and start building friendships — because, let’s face it folks, that’s what you’re building and not some friendship of convenience that ends the moment they can’t help you in your career — when it’s possible life may pull me away again.  Less likely nowadays, but with as many kids as I have and as many issues as we’re dealing with, the idea of making any commitment on this terrifies me.

Back to the next few steps.  I’ve got another novel I finished that I’ll probably start revising.  Not sure though.  I really need to create or my soul gets itchy.  I may just get to work on my next novel and let the other one sit.

No matter what happens though, I want to start self-publishing some of the works I think will be a little more difficult to sell, but that are still very good.  I have one in mind that’s more of an old fashioned romance.  Like early twentieth century kind of sweet romance.  It’s the first in a series of four books and I feel if I self-publish, I’ll feel secure in the series enough to finish it.  I don’t want a publisher stopping it because sales weren’t good enough.

Ah, well.  I need a final copy of a story first.  Sufficient unto the day, etc.



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