Money Savings Mom’s Freezer Cooking in an Hour series

This looks really interesting. I’ve tried freezer cooking in large batches and found it just didn’t work. I couldn’t stay focused on cooking for that long without either a) roping my husband into watching the kids or b) setting them down in front of the TV for a few hours. That’s if things went well. The mess afterward took up about as much time to clean as making the food and I was shot for the rest of the day. As big as my family is, I don’t have many days to waste.

My solution was to make double batches as part of my regular cooking. Depending on the food, I’d either cook both batches, or cook half and freeze the other half. This manages to occasionally get a meal or two into my freezer. The problem with this is that with such a large family, I can’t always fit two meals into the menu, especially if the kids are going through a growth spurt (my oven and stove are only so big and I only have so much time). The result is that I have, at most, three or four meals in the freezer. It’s more than I would have had otherwise, but I’d really like to have a week’s worth, not just so I can have a week off but for friends that are suddenly faced with a difficult situation. Not having to worry about a meal is a great blessing when you’re going through a crisis.

If I set my timer and kept everything down to one hour, I think I might be able to do it. Maybe. It’d be really nice to have some breakfasts already made up. (That’s another weakness in my current plan… I never have the time to make extra in the morning.)

I’ll definitely be watching this series.



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