stephen king, writing, and grape apes

My husband and I fully believe that if you see a grape ape on top of a building (or, perhaps in the case of this car dealership, blue) business isn’t doing so hot. In fact, in our area for a while, any member of the Grape Ape family meant a business was about to have a liquidation sale. True? False? Comment if you wish.

Quick note about writing, my life has become imbalanced by it. I’ve spent too much time the past couple of days either researching or writing. It’s been nice, because the days before then had next to no writing, but my goal is to have a balance between my real life and my writing one. I’ll try again Monday.

Okay, so I found this really good post about e-books and e-signatures called Stephen King, Can You E-mail Me Your Autograph?. I think it’s an interesting concept, but I agree about the memories, even though I’ve never gotten an autograph. I’ve been too shy.



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