it’s all my fault

My first submission in a long time… and I got a rejection. I’m not surprised really. It’s kind of like batting averages. You miss more than you hit, at least at first. I think.

The problem is that I looked over what I sent and how I sent it. It’s my fault it got rejected. I don’t want to get into details as that will depress me. It’s hard enough getting a rejection.

Well, okay, part of the problem was that I didn’t match the market to the idea very well. Generally, it fit, but I really should have sent it somewhere else. The tone wasn’t right at all, either (and here I said I wasn’t going to give details).

That said, I’ll just change the focus a little, change the tone a lot, take a lesson from my other mistakes and send it to a different market. While I wait for that one, I’ll get another query ready. That should help.

And a smoothie. Carob. I looooooove carob smoothies.



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