the first post…. ooooooooo

This is worse than starting a story.  Much worse.

I mean, when I start a story or an article, the only one who sees all those mistakes is me.  Alone.  Well, okay, maybe one or two will slip by and maybe an editor will point it out (shudders)* but other than that, I’m the only one who sees them.

And my husband.  He sees a lot of them.  But that’s not the point.

The point is that in the insanity of coming back to writing, I decided to start a blog on WordPress to celebrate.  Perhaps not the best idea but it give me a place to put stuff, both mental and market.  For now, this site will have writing and other items related to my interests… whatever they may be at the time.  For the next few months, that could mean anything.  The only thing I can say for sure is that I will have three posts a week up.  I hope.

And now the first post is complete.  I think I’ll celebrate by starting a novel.

*I’ve never had an editor point out a mistake to me yet.  Would this be classified as stretching the truth?  I mean, potentially one or two will slip by and if they did an editor might catch them and I think I should just leave the stretched truth as it is.



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